Tanmar Poultry Chook Pen's and Cage's

Poultry Chook Pens and Cage's

               Pure Bred Poultry Breeds For Sale

We have several breeds of pure bred poultry for sale including a large range of Standard Chooks, Bantams & Ducks.

 We also have fertile eggs for these  available from time to time

So watch this space as the site is updated.

 Or if you would like more information or have any questions please give us a call or send an E mail as we are only too happy to help if we can



                   Below is a list of our pure bred poultry with some photos  

                                       (Click on Photo to enlarge) 





           Australorp                            Quail Belgian D'Uccle           Mottled Belgian D'Uccle      



    Lavender Belgian D'Uccle                Black Belgian DÚccle




            Buff Pekin                               Black Leghorn




      Buff Sussex                           Coronation Sussex                      Speckled Sussex



         Light Sussex



                        PLYMOUTH ROCK


          Dark Barred







                     Black                                   Mixed                                    White








               Buff Frizzle






       Buff Orpington                          Blue Orpington


          Splash Orpington               Black Orpington




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                     Pekin                           White Indian Runner     Harlequin Indian Runner



                 Cayuga                                        Orpington                                  Muscovy





                     RHODE ISLAND RED


         Rhode Island Red