Tanmar Poultry Chook Pen's and Cage's

Poultry Chook Pens and Cage's

          The Double Show Cage

Our Double Show cage consists of two Poultry Show Cages, perfect for training show birds or keeping them clean before a show.

The Show Cage Stand is sold separately and has been designed to fit under the show cages to lift them up off the ground


Both cage and stand are available in Bantam or Standard size sets

Cage Sizes

Standard - 600 High x 600 Deep x 1200 wide

Bantam - 450 High x 450 Deep x 900 Wide

Prices starting from $140

Stand prices starting from

$30 for small

$40 for large



                  > Steel Frame

                  >Two Wire Show Fronts

                  > Iron Rear Wall

                  > Two Iron Side Walls

                  > Iron Roof

                  > Plywood Centre Divider

                  >Plywood Floor



                   > Steel Frame